Importance of Gas Safety at home

Why is Gas Safety Important at Home? If you’ve been following our social media accounts lately, you’ll have noticed the amount we have posted has increased to celebrate National Gas Safety Week. Admittedly Gas Safety isn’t really something that crosses people’s minds that often, we take it for granted that our home appliances are working […]

Blocked Toilet?

Blocked Toilet? What to do before you call a plumber Before attempting these DIY fixes at home please note that you do so at your own risk. Always hire a professional to carry out repairs to avoid damaging your plumbing. SC Duncan do not accept any responsibility for damages caused by taking the advice contained […]

Flow Rate and Water Pressure, What’s the Difference?

Flow Rate and Water Pressure, What’s The Difference? Having the great privilege of working with a team of talented and very knowledgeable engineers, I can safely say I have absolutely no idea how toilets work, why your bath is leaking or why radiators need to be bled. I still giggle when a customer tells me […]